How flexible is yours?

27th March 2013

Did you know that the first logo to be trademarked was the red Bass beer triangle? That was in the 1870’s, but the idea of an image representing not just a word but a complete entity is nothing new, in the times of persecution early Christians recognized each other by the sign of the fish, and evidence of such images or logos stretch back into pre-history.


So, what’s the point? It’s this. A logo is an image, and we all know that the right image can save a thousand words. As we say in our brochure, think apples, and what comes to mind? So, our choice of logo, the message it conveys and the picture it evokes of you and your business is vital, it’s what your branding is all about.


Here’s the point. Choose the wrong logo and you’re limited. Make a mistake at the outset and you’ll be regretting it all the way through until you bite the bullet and change it, meanwhile you’ll have been paying to have a logo that doesn’t really tick your boxes emblazoned over everything you do. Choose the right logo and you’ll be able to use it on everything, and everywhere you need to.


This is so important and yet is often forgotten in the flush of enthusiasm that we all experience when we’re shown a logo that really appeals to us. Our advice? Always remember that your logo has to be flexible, it needs to look as good on paper as it does on a van or in a window, it needs to keep its integrity when being photocopied and faxed, when being used in conjunction with different colours, or when seen on the TV. And if you’d like help with any of this, just give us a call.





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