The importance of Relationship and Design

20th December 2013

At this time of year it’s always worth having a re-cap, so here’s a synopsis of where the last four months of blogs have been taking us.


Firstly, all our marketing should point towards our website, and, this being our most important showcase, it is vital that this is really excellent. Our website represents our brand and our brand is everything about us, who we are and what we stand for; our credibility depends on our ability as a business to substantiate our brand and live up to the perception, the story, that our brand represents.


So what is the story our brand represents? It’s a reflection of our vision, our values and our beliefs, because that’s who we are, and one way of looking at these is to consider our brand in terms of IQ, the hard facts of what we do; EQ, the emotional context, why we do it and why customers relate to us; SQ, the spiritual context, what we stand for and believe in as a company.


Where does that leave us? Well, there’s a lot more to cover, but for now consider this: all the above is about one thing – relationship and we’ll look at this further next time, but consider this also, none of this can work without design…it’s all words, feelings and facts and you should be able to both articulate your brand in a Tweet and write an essay on it, but you should also be able to represent your brand with a single look or image. Are we referring to your logo? No, we’re not…you don’t need to see the Apple logo to recognise an Apple store, and that’s the point, the design element of your branding, which includes your logo, is incredibly important because it’s the representation of absolutely everything about you in a look and feel. Clever, inventive design that tells a story is invaluable…and need we say that you’ve come to the right place?





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