When common resolutions are applied to your branding & marketing!

8th January 2015

Bear with us on this…how would it be if we applied the most common New Year’s Resolutions to our own business’ branding and marketing? What could we learn?


Usually the Number One New Year’s resolution is to lose weight…and we could all do with a bit of that, here’s a thought though, how much of your own marketing effort is superfluous? Do you have a way of measuring what works and what doesn’t? There’s an element of truth in saying that, unlike Sales, Marketing shouldn’t be a profit centre, but the flip-side to this is that scattergun marketing just wastes money…


There’s another point here. what’s your ideal weight? In branding terms the question would be whether you’re under promoting or over promoting your brand. Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with over promotion, but again, you could be wasting money.


Number Two is to get organised. It’s so easy to get so caught up in selling that taking stock of the impact your brand is having gets left behind. Is it still considered fresh, up to date and interesting by those you want to engage with and sell to? You may love it, but do your customers?


Number Three is to spend less and save more. Measuring what works will do the trick, but here’s our challenge to you…is your brand strong enough to carry your marketing? Would spending more on your brand development and profile and maybe less on marketing pay dividends?


Number Four, to enjoy life to the full. It’s got to be fun. Fun is always engaging, it’s relational, it builds connection, makes you likeable and encourages people to get to know you. We’re in a digital world where customers want relationship with the brands they choose. There’s a song that starts “Reach out and touch…” That’s what your brand message should be doing.


And in Fifth place, keep fit and healthy. Old hat is boring, Coke is as old as the hills but its branding mixes tradition with being on the button. Branding is one area where re-inventing the wheel is the best idea there is…so long as it’s still a wheel…


One other thing: 90% of resolutions never get beyond January so why not take the plunge right now and contact us to arrange a branding review. That way you’ll be fit, ready and able for 2015!


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