A Fresh View: Keeping your Brand Ahead

25th March 2015

It’s said that one should make a point of meeting all your best customers and suppliers once very six months or so, the reason being that something will have changed for at least one of you in that time. On the same basis there’s an argument to suggest that a company should review its brand regularly too; things change and a company that wants to keep ahead of its competitors will be keeping its finger very much on its own pulse.


Lets look at this. Anyone who’s read our blogs over the last several months will know that to us your brand is your reputation, it’s what and who you are and what you stand for. It is, if you like, your story, because you’re going to be hanging all your marketing and advertising off your brand.


On this basis you’ll then understand that everything that allows a potential stake holder, be they a client, supplier, investor or employee to form an opinion of you is your brand. It could be the way your phone is answered, the look and content of your website, even the cleanness of your delivery van, it’s whatever allows someone to make a judgement of you, your story and your brand.


And here’s the point: as much as our story changes and develops over time, so should our brand and the way we portray it. What was fresh, new and exciting a couple of years ago probably isn’t now, or to put it another way, if you’re not moving forward, you’re not moving at all…which isn’t good.


How does this play out? An astute business is always re-evaluating how it’s perceived in the market. Branding is about taking a position and then keeping it, so if your story gets tired and your brand becomes predictable and, dare we say it, boring…if your logo hasn’t kept up, your marketing looks out of date and your advertising decidedly last year, then that’s the way your business will be perceived, no matter how advanced your actual product or service may be.


Perception is everything. If you’d like to know more about branding and have your own branding and design appraised by our experts, why not book in now for one of our April workshops? View event information here.


Branding Workshops


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  • What is branding and why is it important?
  • What mistakes do companies make with branding?
  • How can business build a strong brand?
  • Is branding the best marketing approach?
  • What is the alternative to branding for small business?

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