Truth, Perception and the Difference Between?.

10th April 2015

Having started our April open days it’s interesting to reflect on what the popular perception of the meaning of the word “brand”. For many, if not most, people it means a logo, and so the phrase “protecting your brand” means making sure that other people or companies don’t steal it, or make a copy that somehow detracts from the value of their own original version. And there’s some truth in that, but it’s only the beginning.


Ask most people what the truth is about something and they’ll answer you, but what they’ll give you is their version of the truth, their perception or understanding of that truth, because it’s perception that matters, and in marketing and advertising it matters more than truth. A certain brand of Cola spends millions to sponsor major sporting events to give the impression that the stuff actually helps you in some way that associates it with sport…it’s trying to influence your perception… the truth being wildly different.


Why are we telling you all this? Because you have to know how you want your company to be perceived before you can start to build your brand; in fact you have to know how you want to be perceived before you can design a logo, decide on your typeface or produce your stationery, let alone your website, packing or advertising…and that’s where we come in. Sure we can design you a logo or a brochure, but then so can most design agencies. What differentiates us is our understanding of what branding really is and the need to get it right for every client, because branding is your story, it’s your reputation, it’s what people will be thinking and saying about you…and it’s important that you influence people’s perceptions by sending out the right message in everything that leaves your office.


If you’d like to know more why not join us at one of our lunchtime seminars this month? You can find details here!


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