Mark's Top Tips for Logo Design

13th October 2016

You know what they say about the importance of first impressions. It certainly applies in the case of your logo, which is the first representation of your company in any form that many potential customers might see. That’s why it is crucial that your logo achieves objectives such as acting as a beacon for your brand and reflecting your organisation’s personality effectively. There are also some practical considerations to bear in mind when it comes to logo design, so in this blog we run through ten top tips – see the attached infographic for a guide to the essentials.

1. More is often less – simplicity can offer a design so much. Logos should be memorable at a glance, so steer clear of complicated ideas and get straight to the point.

2. Watch your weight – the weight of the different colours, graphics and letter sizes you use - i.e. the balance - should be kept as equal as possible in order attract and retain the viewer’s attention.

3. Fitting for all forms – we live in a time when logos are commonly used across print and digital formats, including on mobile devices. Make sure your final design works in as many as possible.

4. Bring back to your brand – assuming you know your target audience, as well as your brand personality, ensure the style of your logo relates back to where your company is ‘coming from’.

5. Future proof it! – will your logo still look fresh several years down the line? Try to take the timeless approach to design and consider ideas that aren’t influenced by current fads.

6. Three’s a crowd – common wisdom suggests that logo typography containing more than two different fonts detracts from the end result. One font is preferable if possible.

7. Do your own thing – nobody likes a copycat. Your logo should seek to be as original and unique as possible, but don’t be afraid to borrow design elements that work.

8. Easy on the effects – it is worth reiterating  that simplicity is key. There are so many effects available on design tools such as Photoshop, but you should be wary of getting carried away!

9. Is it right in black and white? – there is a fair chance your logo will be replicated in white form, so make sure it’s still clear when colour isn’t present.

10. Beware of stock vector graphics – downloading imagery that is classed as stock vector graphics - whether for free or purchased on the internet - and incorporating it into your logo, could land you in trouble.



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