What a difference a font makes...

27th June 2013

Just recently we’ve been working on the creation of a new, refreshed logo for a client of ours. They’re architects, and we wanted their logo to convey everything that they, as a company, stand for. They’re solid and dependable, trustworthy, whilst at the same time having flair and panache as designers and interpreters of their clients’ ideas and dreams…all of which makes for an interesting challenge in a logo that also had also to remain simple and appealing. 


Working on this particular project only helped to reinforce something we already knew, that the use of different fonts and colours, the application of upper and lower case letters and the choice of whether to use bold or not can not only make a world of difference to a design, but can completely  change how that design will be perceived. 


The trick here is not to be hemmed in by preconceptions. In the case of our Architect client we had decided to incorporate a stylised house outline into their logo, so far so good, but we also wanted to build in (sorry!) their company name, and that’s where we hit a potential problem. Their company name used a number of “a’s” and an “s”, nicely rounded letters that just didn’t match the straight lines of our clean-cut, four-square, stylised house. What to do?


The answer turned out to be simple, but we didn’t think of it until trying other remedies such as different colour combinations, several font and changing from regular to bold. And then we just capitalised everything. Voila! Suddenly their company name stood out and matched our reassuringly strong house. Our design was perfect.


The lesson? Know what you want to achieve and the impression you want to give. Don’t compromise. Decide that only the best will do and stick to it!





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