Words and how to use them?

18th February 2014

In our last blog we talked about relationship and the need, in this increasingly virtual world, to somehow reach out to both our existing and prospective clients in a way that makes us attractive, safe and worth knowing. If we can bring them to like and admire us, even better, and if we can persuade them to become our advocates, well, now we’re flying!  We talked about how all roads lead to our websites and how the look and feel of our websites is the vital first step in that journey.


Think of it this way; consciously or unconsciously we form our first impressions of people within seconds of meeting them. That impression forms the basis of our opinion and, whilst we can change our opinions, it’s much easier if we can give a good impression to begin with. Clean shoes, a good watch and a ready smile used to be a recommended guide, probably one that doesn’t resonate quite so strongly as it once did, but you can transfer the analogy to your website, where warm colours and a good layout will go a long way towards giving that right first impression.


And how about the text?


In a word, engaging. In another word, relational. In more words, educational, entertaining and emoting…and seamless, and transparent and correct, and let’s stop there for a moment.


Engaging is obvious, otherwise it’s like meeting someone, being attracted to them and then them saying something appalling…our words should build on the impression given by our design, not detract.


Relational because we want to become friends. We talk about “us” and “we” and “our”, we talk in the active case, not passive; we talk across, not up, or down.


Educational and entertaining, because when we form relationships we like to do both, and emotive because we’re seeking a response.


Seamless and transparent, because good copy should never trip up the reader. Think of a good book you’ve enjoyed, you probably raced through it without a thought of the author who probably sweated blood getting it right! And correct, because mistakes send messages to the reader about your ability and level of care.


We’ll look at how to use the right words well next time.





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