Vision and Values. Developing your company profile into your brand.

15th May 2014



A logo is not your brand, it represents your brand as much as a portrait represents a person, but it tells you nothing about your vision and values, the story and experience behind the logo and what’s important to you.


Think of your brand as being your reputation. Good branding will add value to the buying process and ownership experience, good branding adds value above that of the product, purely by association. It will tell a consistent story right through everything you do, directing how you are perceived and viewed by your customers, giving a shared and valued experience that makes everyone a stakeholder. But only if you know the answers for yourselves.


Brand51 understands branding. We can help you on that journey of understanding what it is your company stands for, its ethos and what it represents.


Questions to ask yourself

The following are just some of the questions we suggest our clients consider when we begin to work with them…this often leading us into facilitating a full Vision and Values review:

1.  What do you do as a company? Not just what do you supply, but what do you really do!

2.  What values do you think the company / brand has? What’s important to the company? What are your ethics?

3.  Do these valves match your own personal values? Where do they differ?

4.  What is important to the company?

5.  What’s wrong with the company?

6.  How do you think you are perceived by:

  • Your supply chain
  • Your account holders
  • Your community
  • The public

7.  How would you like the company to be thought of?

8.  What does the future hold in your market sector?

9.  Generally, how would you like to see the company look in five years’ time?

10. What would you consider to be central to the messages your company puts out in marketing / advertising / pr etc.

11. Once we’ve covered the above we can begin to consider the shape we have to be to achieve the answer to question 9. So,

  • What will be our product range going forward?
  • Who will be our intended clients going forward?
  • What marketing structure do we need to have to achieve this with the maximum impact?
  • What marketing actions do we need to adopt to achieve impact?


These may sound like a lot of questions, but the need for a new website, refreshed logo or revised brochure is often a good time to step back from your business and to re-assess it. you’ll be amazed at what comes out…





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