Create a World Cup Brand ­? without it costing a fortune!

23rd June 2014

So you want to be a World Cup winner in your business sector, to be the company everyone remembers, to stand out as the company of choice in your sector…to be the one everyone thinks of when whatever it is you do is mentioned…and you don’t want it leave you penniless…


It’s possible, and it really doesn’t have to cost millions, but to create a World Cup brand you do need a clear objective and a plan to go with it. And you have to be internet savvy.




Because the beauty of the internet is that it gives you is a level playing field on which to build that World Cup brand; it’s where all businesses start from the same position and where you can promote yourself as being whatever you want and so long as you do everything right you can become it. In fact the only criteria you have to meet at all times is living up to whatever claims you make about yourself and never letting your customers down.


So how do we do this?


Put simply most companies start with a product or service and the intention to sell that product or service in a way that brings the greatest return. They create a logo, launch a website and then advertise and maybe do some networking. They may open a shop or showroom and employ sales people… but what most companies fail to do is take the time to consider their brand, because your logo and look is not your brand, it’s the representation of your brand.


You see your brand is wrapped up in your values, what you stand for and how you relate to those who are investing time / money / energy / good will into your business. Your brand is all about how you want to be perceived and talked about, how you want to be heard and the impression you want to make. It’s also about everyone involved being on the same page and working together to protect your reputation because, and here’s the crunch:


You should think of your brand as being your reputation, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get your branding right. It just takes thought and an understanding of what’s important to you.


Of course that’s only half the story. There’s a lot to all of this and a great start is to call in the help of professionals, but here are some potential Action Points to consider as you gear up:

  • Action Point 1: Hold a “Vision and Values” session to establish exactly what your brand stands for and wants to achieve. What do you want your reputation to be?
  • Action Point 2 in making your brand world class is have an attractive, well thought out website that does everything a visitor wants it to. Much easier said than done, but knowing what you stand for, where you’re going and what you do for your clients gets you to the start line. Then you need a really strong logo, great graphics and words that reach out and grab the reader, plus a strong call to action that can’t be resisted
  • Action Point 3, and assuming that your product or service is actually viable, is to devise a marketing plan that does everything to drive people to look at and respond to your website. Great marketing includes a mix that reaches out and touches your intended audience a number of times in different ways so that you’re always front of mind when it comes to a decision. Social media is important, but it’s not everything, an old fashioned letter can work just as well, depending on your audience
  • Action Point 4 is to continually do everything to protect and encourage your brand. Every element of your business needs to reflect your values…your brand is your reputation, you need to look after and nurture it
  • Action Point 5 is to constantly assess how your brand is doing in terms of customer awareness and perception. Are you still holding that World Cup or have you slipped down the league compared with the opposition?


Sound like a lot to do? It is, but you don’t have to do it all at once, and it really doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Reputations are built by giving great service and good value…and you can’t buy a reputation!


You will need help though, which is where Brand51 comes in…





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