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22nd July 2014

If your website represents who you are as a business, your marketing collateral stakes out your position and makes claims on your behalf. You depend on it to create a journey that takes customers from no knowledge through mild interest to a comfortable purchase.


Getting all this right is vital because mistakes can be insidiously costly, but here’s the problem: whilst a business owner might know their business inside out, converting that knowledge into a marketing proposition is altogether different, that’s where all the marketing experts come in, and that’s the snag…how do you know they’re doing the job you need them to?


A start point is to understand what it is they’re meant to be doing, so:


Point One, understand the brief! You need to know what you’re asking your designers, copywriters and marketeers to do, and then make it clear to them. Don’t expect them to know more about your business and product than you do. Your brief should clearly state your objective.


Point Two, think of your image, does what’s being proposed to you fit your brand. Colour, design, font all have to be right but think beyond the look, does the language sound consistent with the brand?


Point Three, does it work? Ask someone not connected but whom you can trust how they respond to what’s being proposed; does it explain the benefits clearly; does it connect emotionally; does it look and feel right?


Point Four, is it concise? How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Does the piece stick to the key message? It should, otherwise you risk confusing the point you’re trying to make.


Point Five, does it stir you to action? Your marketing has to demand a response, otherwise it’s just information. Is the message powerful?


Point Six, are you happy for this to represent your business? If you’re in any way uneasy about what you’re looking at, don’t use it! Ask the team to think again.


Point Seven, do you like it? It’s your business and no-one knows it better than you do, so if it works for you it should work for others. Of course, if it doesn’t – it won’t! Don’t be afraid to ask for some new ideas.

There’s nothing better than seeing your business being represented by great marketing, so our advice, trust your gut and never accept second best!





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