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18th March 2016

If the point of branding is to grab attention then surely anything that grabs that attention is a good thing…or is it? Could this be like saying that any publicity is good publicity?

The truth is, no it isn’t, and yes it is! Those who are happy for their 15 minutes of fame won’t really mind how they come by it, but if longevity and staying power are the order of the day then it will be far more important to be strategic than hurried.

If you’ve read many of our previous blogs you’ll know that for us your brand is far more than just a logo, that your logo represents your brand, but that your brand represents the totality of what your business is and stands for. Your brand is your story and reputation; perhaps more importantly how you project your brand will determine how it’s received and perceived.

The interesting thing here is that whilst your business might want to project one persona, one brand that perhaps reflects the fact that it’s solid and dependable, you may have various products or product ranges with personalities and characters of their own, using a completely different colour palette, copywriting language and graphic style.

Our “Uncover Your Brand Personality” guide will help you to determine how to pitch your branding. It contains some great advice, not the least being that to be memorable your branding has to be decisive…which doesn’t mean that it has to be whacky or attention grabbing for the sake of it. Remember that all your marketing and advertising says something, but also says something about you. Your potential customers will remember what your message says about you long after they’ve forgotten what it is you wanted them to buy!






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