Will Brexit change your marketing plan?

12th July 2016

History tells us that on the 10th January 49BC General Suetonius crossed the river Rubicon and, knowing that in doing so he was changing the course of history, turned to his friend Julius Caeser and said to him “Alea iacta est”” The die is cast”, a phrase borrowed from the Roman general Suetonius, who knew that once he crossed the Rubicon river there was no turning back…

Which pretty well describes where we’re at as a nation now.

So, what do we know?
1. We’re in for a period of change
2. That existing trading agreements with the EU will have to be negotiated
3. That the value of Sterling could be compromised
4. That international investment into the UK could stall
5. That a whole raft of consumer, data and employee protection rights that originate in the EU could be up for review
6. The supply of a European workforce could be in doubt.

But also
1. That we could re-find ourselves as a nation
2. Legislate specifically to support our industries
3. See Brexit as a huge opportunity.

And so it goes on…it’s all in the air and all to be played for…

But then as marketeers we also know:
1. That brand loyalty transcends all borders
2. That English will remain the common language of Europe
3. That the UK, whilst it lasts, will retain those reputations for style / quality / taste /quirkiness / music / design / manufacturing that it has built over generations
. That in times of turmoil, what works and what we’re used to can be very attractive
. Given the two-year grace period built into Article 50 we don’t have to rush into big marketing decisions.

So, given the above, how should we react, what should we do?  We suggest the following:
1. Don’t over react, play the long game
2. Whatever your product or service, make sure you’re the best at what you do
3. Review your marketing collateral, does it stand up to the best of the competition? Now, more than ever, it has to
4. If you’re working in mainland Europe, speak to your audience, let them know where you stand and where your loyalties lie
5. If you export, look to the UK’s historic trading partners beyond the EU. These will soon become areas of new opportunity.
6. It’s more of Point 4, marketing strategies based on relationship will always be the winners, Brexit or no Brexit.
7. Have a marketing plan with a clear sense of direction, but that allows you to alter to suit circumstances but that is understood by all the key players in your organisation…and set a budget that enables this to happen

Above all, involve others. We’re all of us too close to our own businesses to be able to see them clearly…and clarity will be invaluable as Brexit unfolds…



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