Mark's Top Tips: Event Branding

8th August 2016

While events can make for a welcome break from the normal office routine, for many companies their organising of, or participation in an event will be one of the biggest outlays they make all year. For this reason, it is imperative to plan your event branding and promotion meticulously in order to ensure the maximum return on the investment.

While there is certainly a need to make your presence felt at events, there are also more subtle methods of branding and promotion that will help you secure face to face time with key contacts. Here is our list of top tips for effective event branding and promotion:

A joined up approach
Thinking out of the box can pay dividends for events, but you should still pay close attention to the consistency of your online and offline branding before, during and after the event. This encompasses any invitations or pre-event social media posts, branding of event spaces and stands, clothing worn by your team and any marketing collateral you may hand out, as well as materials distributed as part of your follow up.

Give-aways not throw-aways
Give-aways are a tried and trusted method of both attracting attendees and providing a physical momento that carries brand messaging. At exhibitions, for instance, visitors have been known to swoop around with a bag at the ready, eagerly eyeing any freebies! But ensuring you give away something memorable - a keepsake which is aligned with the nature of your business - is important. Are you a sport-related firm? How about getting some referee-style red and yellow cards printed to hand out instead of business cards?  You can be sure they will be taken away and used again.

Build the hype
One of the keys to maximising ROI from events is an effective pre-event marketing campaign which includes PR, social media and online marketing to alert your target customer base to the fact you will be holding an event. Aside from posts on your own social media channels, if you are organising an event, it can work well to invite a favoured publication to be your official media partner. If you are participating in an event, find out who the official media partner of the event is and leverage them for as much coverage as possible. Arranging an interview prior to your event can help push the publicity, while speaking at seminar or thought leadership programmes at large scale occasions can strengthen your presence there.

Stay organised

It’s amazing how untidy and cluttered an event space can become after a day or two. It can be a good idea to give one team member the responsibility of keeping the place tidy, as an unkempt area is not conducive to a positive brand image. Similarly, if you plan to invite attendees for a sit down, chat and perhaps a coffee at any point, you should ensure there is a quieter space away from the main throng for people to sit, laptops to be placed securely and belongings to be left safely.



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